Is Toxicity In Gaming Culture A Gender Issue?

It most certainly exists throughout the gaming industry, on all levels, among workers. Instances of sexism and discrimination exist for female/gamer girl streamers, who are subject to anyone on the internet (not just gamers). BUT, looking only at gamers while playing online games, taking part in the culture, I’d say it’s not as big of an issue as it is made out to be. I also think it should be understood which environments, games, and communities toxicity is shown to exist in.

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The Winter And Holidays Suicide Myth

You may have already seen the warnings in social media posts, blogs, or articles online. Or maybe you associate the holidays or winter with suicide from watching classics like It’s a Wonderful Life or some other sad or depressing holiday film. There is so much in our media that tells us or has tried to get this idea to sink in for some reason.

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Clearing The Vapor

If you know nothing of the culture and you’ve never vaped before then if you go out and buy a Juul device you’re going to think you’re vaping. But these companies are not like any other real vaping company out here. They are just as shrouded in mystery as Big Tobacco.

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