Clearing The Vapor

If you know nothing of the culture and you’ve never vaped before then if you go out and buy a Juul device you’re going to think you’re vaping. But these companies are not like any other real vaping company out here. They are just as shrouded in mystery as Big Tobacco.

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You Don’t Look Depressed

That statement, “You don’t look depressed” is commonly used by people as if there is some standard face to depression. Like you could look out into a crowd of people and be able to identify every single individual who is depressed. The truth is that depression has many faces. Every individual is experiencing depression differently.

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The Man At Home

This is an interview I conducted with my husband which focuses on his time as a stay-at-home dad, the stigmas and various social issues surrounding the concepts of gender roles, masculinity, and much more.

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Veterans Day: A Hard Fought For “Thanks”

With Veterans Day coming tomorrow I just wanted to get a few thoughts I’ve been mulling over for the past few days off of my chest and mind. We’ve all seen the typical announcements about businesses, stores, and restaurants that are participating in the holiday. They’re giving free meals, deals, freebies, and discounts to veterans, service members, and their families. While this is a good thing, why isn’t this a norm year-round? Is this ‘holiday’ for veterans or just a capitalist do-good event? Is it for veterans or just an empty spectacle of patriotism for civilians?

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Gaming Stockholm Syndrome

Gaming Stockholm Syndrome can be defined as a social psychological response in which individuals will rationalize, defend, and show loyalty to a discriminative and abusive industry. It is a coping mechanism that’s present in both game workers and gamers. This is unlike any other corporate or consumer phenomenon our modern world has ever seen.

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