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As Viewed By was created because I wanted to leave behind a positive impact in a way that I believe is important and needed. In sharing my own personal experiences, knowledge, and research I give you tools and information I have come to own in better understanding self, others, and society. The goal here is to inspire others to think and look at things in ways they may not have before.

We all perceive and inspect ourselves, others, the world, and events happening around us through various different lenses. As I share my worldview I encourage everyone to share with others when you read something that moves you. Contribute to the conversation, add your perspective, leave comments, feedback, and share your knowledge, views, and human truth.

As a guest author, my husband will be contributing his approaches and views from time to time. Come dive in as we look at different elements of human society and the social world. On As Viewed By, we as humans will share, learn and grow on this journey together.

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  • Is Toxicity In Gaming Culture A Gender Issue?
    It most certainly exists throughout the gaming industry, on all levels, among workers. Instances of sexism and discrimination exist for female/gamer girl streamers, who are subject to anyone on the internet (not just gamers). BUT, looking only at gamers while playing online games, taking part in the culture, I’d say it’s not as big of an issue as it is made out to be. I also think it should be understood which environments, games, and communities toxicity is shown to exist in.
  • Military-to-Civilian Transition
    Veterans face a wide range of complex struggles as they attempt to reintegrate themselves back into society. There are a large variety of programs and services that are meant to assist the service member or veteran. How effective are they? What can be done differently?
  • Forgiveness Is Not Necessary To Heal
    Forgiveness is one of the most complex concepts that I have struggled with throughout my lifespan. Forgiving yourself and others, especially those who have wronged or hurt you, are the most difficult things you can ever try to accomplish. What I’ve come to ask myself is, do I truly need to forgive others in order to heal and move forward?

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Hi, I’m Miranda Gray. I am a wife, mother of two, and Marine veteran. I received my BA in Sociology from American Military University (AMU). When I’m not spending time with my family my interests include writing, video games, art, and dissecting anything and everything around me.

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Hi, I’m Ashten. I have two lovely babies and a loving wife. At best I could be defined as a modern philosopher, at worst another opinionated asshole. But I just try to understand the world as anyone else.