Why is Nancy Reagan Trending With ‘Throat Goat’ on Twitter?

Screenshot of tweet by Classically Abby
Screenshot of Tweet by Classically Abby

This latest social media frenzy is just too much not to go ahead and give my own view on. This past weekend Twitter was blowing up about two of the most polar opposite, unlikely individuals: Madonna & Nancy Reagan. Originally, this spawned out of a highly demeaning tweet targeted at Madonna by, of course, Abigail Shapiro.

Abigail is a self-proclaimed conservative influencer. She’s a pretty accomplished opera singer but has become socially recognized due to her brother’s rise in popularity. She has a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel where she discusses highly judgmental and controversial topics and opinions.

Does she deserve the history lesson she received? Yes. Do we really have women being put on display and pinned against one another in 2021? Yes, yes we do. Is it worse that it was a woman who started this entire thing? Yes, yes it is.

People had mixed reactions to her original tweet. Some even shared my own initial reactions and thoughts. But there also were a few things I’ve had a chance to think on that I would also like to discuss.

1. This Was Truly “Classy” of Her

Judging a person is based on your own personal perspective and view of an individual. How you were raised, what belief systems, culture, norms, and morals you are attached to. All of these will be a factor in how you look at others. Many individuals were sharing their thoughts on how this was not very classy of Classy Abby, but I had a different perspective.

Classy, the term, having deep socioeconomic roots, is not something to look at or use positively anymore. It has remained in human society to be used as a way to separate or “class” human beings. Humans use this term to separate the rich from the poor, the beautiful from the ugly, the valuable from the trashy, and the superior from the inferior.

It’s all based on constructs, of the time, society, people, and culture, but it’s a word we should have long ago thrown out.

Here she is saying Madonna isn’t classy because she disagrees with the photo, style, clothing, and position choice. She is saying that a woman who is sexual, provocative, or shows too much skin means they are lesser than other women. Other women, meaning women who are conservative or traditional in how they act, behave, speak, and dress.

So, yes, I say that this is right up her ally in many of the classy ways Shapiro carries herself and the opinions she shares. She is also correct that Nancy Reagan exemplified this constructed term that she holds so dear to her own identity.

2. She Tried Pitting Women Against Each Other

Madonna fans and supporters came instantly to Madonna’s defense and entertainingly turned it around on Shapiro. It was meant to be a blatant dig and shaming moment of comparison for Madonna. But overnight, social media placed an unwanted spotlight on Abigail and turned Nancy Reagan into a meme.

I think more people are becoming aware of these backward ideas, attitudes, and mindsets that women need to be in constant battle with one another. She could have used any family photo of Madonna but she CHOSE to use this specific one. She wanted to grab the chance to belittle her for some reason and the internet simply turned around and gave her a history lesson.

That lesson included some information that allegedly Nancy Reagan was well known for giving blow jobs back in her days as an actress. There were some making misogynistic jokes about this, some who were trying to humiliate Nancy for this. Altogether, most seemed to just want to let Abigail know she chose a hypocrite to exemplify. The Reagan’s are well-known for their harmful contributions to both the wars against drugs and pornography.

There’s just something here also that doesn’t sit right with me.

What I had a hard time with was what this possible news meant for a person I detest. Being an actress, especially during that time frame, the culture, how women were used, mistreated and then spoken ill of. Were these just rumors being pushed around?

Or was Nancy possibly one of the multitudes of women who have been forced onto their knees with this belief being spread that she enjoyed it. A survey by USA TODAY showed that out of 843 women surveyed 94% experienced some form of sexual harassment/assault during their careers in Hollywood.

I can speak on what I know of her actions including when she was our First Lady and compare those actions to Madonna’s. All the rest, while entertaining, makes me uncomfortable as a woman who has been objectified, preyed on, and rumored against in my places of employment before. It upsets me more to think that I am sitting here thinking of Nancy and a possible human shared experience meanwhile Classical Abby blames women for the things that happen to them.

3. Madonna’s History of Philanthropy

Lastly, I think it was beautiful and important that so many people clapped back with letting Classical Abby know who exactly she was trying to speak down about. Madonna is not just a pop or sex icon. Classical Abby probably thinks of “Like a Virgin” and cringes, I think of Madonna’s influence, success, power, and strength as a woman. I think of her empathy and humility as a human being.

Madonna was one of the very first advocates during the HIV/AIDS epidemic. She lost friends to the disease and was dedicated to spreading awareness and donating to research. Madonna established a few organizations (i.e., the Ray of Light Foundation and Raising Malawi). She’s helped to produce Pediatric hospitals, focused on advocating for and supporting the vulnerable and impoverished, and the list just goes on. “Madame X is a freedom fighter.”

Photo of Madonna Credit: Ray of Light Foundation

“My revolution has nothing to do with bloodshed or violence.
It is a revolution where we support one another regardless of race, religion, or gender.
A revolution that promotes peace and demands equality.
I don’t accept injustice. And neither should you.”


If you know anything of our nation’s history, you already know the Reagan’s were absolutely horrible to other human beings. She and her husband turned a blind eye to millions of humans who were dying of HIV/AIDS in the early 1980s. I can’t say that Nancy Reagan ever actually accomplished anything. Well, she did cause kids to ‘Just Say Yes’ to drugs in her failed and unimaginative social experiment.

But, you know, Nancy put on a wholesome smile and covered her neckline so that must mean she was the ideal woman and more decent human being.

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